Zero Club | April 2022 | Steve Fisher

1. Name / Instagram Account?
Steve Fisher - Insta is @oldsk8tr_73 and my wife and I also founded and run a skateboarding non-profit in 2020 called skateboarding saves corporation @skateboarding_saves_nonprofit

2. Age?

3. Where are you from?
Originally Vero Beach, Florida, but really grew up in very rural Georgia about 60 miles from Savannah.

4. How long have you been skating?
I started in 1986 and skated consumed my little brother and I until I joined the military in 1991 (US Navy almost 10 years). Much to the dissatisfaction of my father, once I started skating I quit baseball, I quit band, and I quit everything except skating.

5. What’s your set-up?
I know it's controversial in this group, but I ride a few different boards. My most ridden are a Black Label 9.0 Jake Rueter egg, with baby blue gullwing Pro III's, and Speedlab 56mm American Nomad 99A's, I use this for all my transition terrains. I also ride a 10" 101 Natas challenger, with ace 66's (blue also, I like blue trucks) and spitfire 58mm Lance mountains also 99a, and this is my magic carpet ride as Aaron Decker calls it, we use this machine to kill curbs weekly. It is large and in charge, but does not like to fly, which I do not do much of anymore.

6. What terrain do you like to skate?
I try and skate everything ! Seriously. I am so lucky to live where I live. It is truly one of the greatest places and I've been many places. I skate Burnside (concrete and blood), Stronger skatepark (wood), public parks ( we have some of the best) and street. Aaron and I have a standing session, we skate curbs at least once a week together if possible (rains ALOT here). Sk8chimp and I skate the old man session at Stronger every other week.

7. What stokes you out in skating? Seeing someone's face when they finally make that battle trick, we've all been there and broken ourselves off for a trick someone else could pull in their sleep. Man I love seeing that dedication and hardheadedness. I also love seeing that light in the eye of the children we help with my non-profit. I can't describe the feeling it gives me to see someone take skateboarding and use it to better their situation or someone else's. We can do so much more than what we are doing for each other, and it takes VERY little effort.

8. So, I hear that you fired some woman from work, and then later saw her when you were skating some curbs? What was that like?
Wow, you have industry spies I see. (I will not get political with this next part) I had the unfortunate task of enforcing a policy at work regarding the mask mandate in our city / state office (I work for a large city). Myself and Aaron Decker were skating curbs at a school one night where a girls basketball game was being held. We had our cameras out and were catching clips of each other and 2 women walked out after the game and went to their cars. Out of nowhere we hear yelled across the parking lot "Fisher??? Is that you???" I turn and recognize both women (one was still employed by us and one was not). I skated up to them and the person who did not see eye to eye with the city's policy (have to wear a mask while at the office), pulled out a mask when I skated up and instantly put it on. This is super ironic given the terms we we last met on. We spoke a few minutes and the one who still works with me said " yeah, we were making fun of how 2 grown men were out here, playing on kids toys and filming themselves. Then we saw it was you!" We spoke a few minutes and I said good to see you then they got in their cars and left. The next day, I spoke to the employee who we saw and she said the other person stated" I'm not surprised a person like that hasn't grown up yet, makes sense." I was very complimented by that. I have a very high-level stressful position where I work, and I get very little relief. A comment like this just means I'm taking care of myself and I headed down the right path. Most people I know my age, in my line of work, are sitting on the couch by the time 6 pm rolls around with a bourbon in their hand and no plan of escape.

9. What could be better in skateboarding?
I'm paraphrasing Napoleon Hill, a con man. If you are unable to do grand things, then do small things in a grand way. We could all do this for someone else. I only skate with positive people now. I don't have to enough time not to. While skating has come a LONG way, it could still be more inclusive. Both socially and economic class wise. Skateboarding should be for everyone who wants it, but many of the kids who have no money, also have no support at home. If we give them the same opportunities to succeed, some will. There is a TON of talent out there who just need the chance. I'm trying to do that by providing equipment, pads, shoes, wax, whatever takes away the "no's" and keeps these kids rolling. The more time they spend at the park" wasting time" the more time they aren't doing something they shouldn't. Company reps should spend time at parks and meet the kids I meet. Skating needs more scholarship type programs to find those who need it the most. Corporate companies who are making all this money need to step it up and take care of their own.
EVERY sport cost something to do. I have 3 kids, this stuff is expensive. What I'm trying to say is as a sport parent, there are a TON of programs offered to you if you can't afford to participate. Baseball, basketball, soccer, whatever, almost every kid gets to play. How are the companies assuring that's happening in skating? Some are doing a lot, but a lot are doing nothing.

10. What bands/music do you like? Man, I like everything. I'll just start naming off bands I listen to, but Fugazi 13 songs is my go to for just about every situation. Others include, but not limited to: The devil makes three, NOFX, lost dog street band, bad religion, face to face, social d, the bangles, talking heads, arctic monkeys, turnstile, matt costa, G Love, Beastie boys (lyrical geniuses), MF Doom, run the jewels, buju banton, no use for a name, I try and keep an open mind.

11. What makes you laugh?
Just silly stuff. I like having fun with my friends, I like pranks and jokes. I love a good story. We've all been there and done that, but we haven't been there through other people's experiences, you know. My 14-year-old son is funny as shit. He helps keep me current with what's going on today, tik tok, memes, etc. Its a brave new world for old guys! My wife makes me laugh all day. We have inside jokes and bets about the kids that can't ever be repeated, she's so fun to be around.

12. Favorite books/movies?
Books are limited: The search for Captain Zero, Into thin air, the book The Road (very gut wrenching read for a father of a son), The book No country for old men, Odd Thomas. I like Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe also. Movies - Departed, Shawshank, There will be blood, Friday, I married and axe murderer.

13. I also heard that you once had a killer moustache when Aaron Decker brought his son over to trade some skate equipment? What’s the story with that?
LOL...dude, I'm bald. Which means all you hair having MF'rs can get haircuts and change your style anytime you want....I can't. So I control what I can, my facial hair. It drives my wife and daughter nuts. They are always afraid when I spend too much time in the bathroom. I believe Aaron was referring to my full handle bar down the cheek one? I wore that one only 2 days before the wife called Said I looked too biker.

14. Skating as a kid vs. skating as adult over 40…talk about the differences and similarities.
Skating as a kid was life. There was nothing else at the time. I ate, slept and dreamt skating. It was my only escape from a bad scene at home. I had 3 in my crew and we caught shit on the daily from our small town "peers". I didn't really understand the role skating was playing in preparing me for my life. Now that I'm older, exact same shit. I run with a small crew, and catch shit from my "peers" I get to let go for just a little bit and battle with myself if I want, or be social with my friends. I honestly don't know how much "wanted" human contact I would have with anyone other than my family if it weren't for skating. I love this shit man.

15. Favorite skate videos?
Shackle me not, ban this, public domain, rubbish heap.

16. Favorite skaters?
Chris Fisher (my 12- year-old) & Chris Fisher (my 44-year-old brother), Aaron Decker, Joe Savage, Paul Lewandowski, Marc Adorno (RIP)... Hands down. Fanboy picks - Matt Hensley, Tom Knox, Eric Dressen, Ray Barbee, Grosso (RIP), Eric Sanderson, John Cardiel, Lucero, Lance, Neil.

17. Favorite skate graphics?
Man that’s a tough one. I’ve always liked Dressen and Powell’s 80's stuff , but that Tom Knox punk deck, the green one. I have one on my wall, I have one I rode to death. That one is my favorite deck, I've even painted it in acrylic. I think that’s why I love Dressen's decks so much also, they are very similar in ride.

I recently lost a very close friend and behind the scenes the people who reached out and supported me and my efforts to remember Marc, thank you. I meant the world to me.

Thanks for giving me your time.